David Garrigus Productions does provide for CCTV broadcasting in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, clinics, etc. However, your original DVD purchase is restricted for use on a single DVD player to a single TV monitor and may not be broadcast over any type of centralized, closed-circuit, video-on-demand TV system or website. All customers who wish to use this video over a CCTV system must purchase the program's limited broadcast rights.


Please review our Standard Rights and Limitations of Broadcast Use and, if you agree with its terms, please purchase the appropriate broadcasting rights according to your system requirements:



Single-Channel Closed Circuit System

Only $50 (DVD sold separately.)

Applies to systems that are set-up to deliver only a single channel of programming at a time. Five-year renewable term.

Video Title



Multi-Channel Closed Circuit System

Only $75 (DVD sold separately.)

Applies to systems that are capable of delivering two or more channels of programming simultaneously. Five-year renewable term.

Video Title



We also accept mailed, emailed, or faxed purchase orders!


For clearance of other broadcast uses including Internet, please contact us.


Rights for showing this video on other systems including but not limited to commercial, pay-per-view, multi-site transmissions, cable or educational television or over local area networks, internet and intranet systems, in whole or part, are not included with either of these agreements. Information on clearance rights and rate quotations are available on request. Please contact us.


Additional Terms of Use:

The customer is authorized to broadcast this licensed video within a single building as specified in the standard agreement and is entitled to make one copy for preservation purposes or to digitally encode this video on a digital broadcast system. A second working copy may be recorded from the master copy only after the previous copy is either erased or destroyed. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted motion picture and video formats.


Safeguarding Videos and Termination of Broadcast Rights:

Upon termination of any license agreement, the customer agrees to cease broadcast of this video and to destroy all video and digital copies on file. Customer agrees to take reasonable action to restrict circulation of video copies and to allow David Garrigus Productions the right to a site audit to ensure that the use of the broadcast use is in compliance with the licensed terms.


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